Blue Prism Installation Engineer Exam

I just passed this, wanted to jot down a few notes before I forget, especially since the exam needs to be retaken once version 7 comes out

  • There were tons of Choose X out of Y. Choices could go up to like 6 or 7, e.g. choose 5 out of 7, choose 3 out of 5 etc.
  • Multiple tricky questions around certificates, when does it prevent the Runtime Resource from starting? When does a cert problem prevent the RR from connecting (but still allows the RR to start)? I didn’t know.
  • No questions around scripting
  • No “you see this error message, what does it mean”?
  • Nothing from the command line commands at all from what I recall
  • The names of the options in the System Settings were incorrect? “Require Secure Inbound Connections” was named something else. I don’t know if this meant that this was the wrong answer or if it was just used as a generic text, and that it was a valid response.
  • What permission (DB) are needed to perform an upgrade? I didn’t know if you needed db_owner or anything. I don’t know what permission is needed if you need to create a new table inside an existing database.
  • I remember one question in particular where I thought that one of the choices was outside of the scope of BP, but still seemed like a valid response. It was something around security, and one of the options was to use firewalls to prevent unknown Runtime Resources from connecting to the App Server or something like that. It seemed valid from a technical standpoint but I didn’t choose that answer even though I thought it was doable.

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