APD01 Blue Prism Professional Developer Exam

So there’s barely any information about this exam online

Basic Information:

50 Qs, 70% pass grade = 35/50 = 15 max wrong in 60 MINs

Scope (taken from the PDF on BP’s website)

• Advanced exception handling and work queues
• Advanced work queue configuration
• Development best practice
• Web services
• Browser automation
• Mainframe automation
• Interfacing with PDF documents
• Java automation
• Credentials Management and Login Agent
• Surface Automation

Overall, the suggested readings provide almost all the information you need to pass the test

After taking the test, these are the areas that I need to improve:

  • Know how to count the amount of licenses (or sessions) used (in the Web services doc?)
  • Understand the difference in how objects and sub processes are loaded into memory when executed within a process
  • Remember the name of the thing inside the Application Modeller that lists out every single spyable element
  • Press vs Global Mouse Clicks
  • What should you do to read data from various PDF formats?
  • Know the mappings of Web Services Inputs/Outputs