Monthly Archive: February, 2018

Google Professional Cloud Architect Certification

I’m logging the resources I am using to learn about Google Cloud and the Architect Certification. Update March 24: Passed the exam, it was quite tricky.  LinuxAcademy’s courses helped but their sample questions are less difficult than the actual exam. Official Resources Blog Posts

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Earning Technical Respect

Managing the Unmanageable is a book on how to manage software developers.  One concept that I strongly agreed on is the notion of “technical respect”. Technical respect is essentially “proving that you have technical chops”.  I always strongly believed in doing so to solidify your place as a team member or leader but never knew that there was a specific...

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MBAs for Software Guys

This was not written by me, but I agree with the points being made, as I’m a tech person who holds an MBA.  Original source here.  I personally did an MBA at HEC Paris, mostly because I wanted to shift more to the business side of things, become entrepreneurial, expand my network and gain exposure to Europe.  I also took...

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