New Scrum developments – Kanban and Agile Leadership

Apparently, has new training/certifications available in two areas.


There is a new guide (9 pages) which details how to apply Kanban practices into Scrum – since there should be not conflict between the two.

Kanban is used to improve transparency in the product backlog, sprint backlog and development work.

Each Scrum team must create their own definition of “Workflow”.  This workflow consists of:

  • How to pull items from the product backlog into the sprint backlog
  • The “states” (e.g. in progress, testing in staging, QA etc) and the criteria for moving an item from state to state
  • The maximum number of items that can be worked on at once (i.e. how many items in this sprint)
  • A time estimate for completing work on a backlog item called a “service level expectation” (SLE).

The number of items that are WIP must be actively managed.  This is because context switching between tasks and multi-tasking has a cost and we want to minimize this.

With regards to the certification, these resources were useful:

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