Starting DUP

Yeah Budday!

I haven’t taken the time to follow up on new developments in weightlifting/training since starting 10+ years ago.  I recently started looking into daily undulating periodization (DUP) and have decided to give it a go.  Part of the beauty of the program is that you tailor it 100% to your needs, but I’ve gone on reddit and found a template that I wanted to follow, Layne Norton’s PH3.

The excel template is taken from this thread.


I finished the program.  The amount of time I had to spend working out started to get ridiculous near to the end of the program.  It took nearly two hours to get it all done.  I’d only try out the program if you can dedicate 1.5 – 2 hours to workout.

I did get stronger on a cut due to the sheer amount of work volume but the workout duration is a bit much.  I’m going to switch back to something that can be finished in ~1 hour per workout.

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