AI and RPA together

This a post to help sort out my thoughts on how to use AI and RPA together.

Right now I see two main ways in which RPA and AI interact.

  1. Using AI based solutions as intermediate steps in an RPA process for non decision making reasons, for example using OCR to process an invoice
  2. Using AI to actually replace some human decision making inside the RPA process.  This would be replacing the If Else “decision” type statements

Maybe someday in the far future, AI will be able to design processes, or optimize processes created for RPA

I’m more interested in point 2: How can we use AI to replace human decision making so that our RPA can go down different paths?

Since RPA is supposed to be Business Unit owned, I double that they are going to install the various AI tools such as Tensorflow just to get some AI capability.  So what is needed is for me to analyze all of the available Cloud based AI offerings to see what can be done.

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